GETTING IN by Frank Gilroy

Carter Hudson, Jack Wetherall, David Beach.png

In the autobiographical GETTING IN by Pulitzer Prize and Tony winner Frank Gilroy (The Subject Was Roses), a scrappy GI, gleefully recalls how he went from truancy, almost flunking high school, the trenches of WWII, to Dartmouth College, on the GI Bill that changed his life.  

Getting In by Frank Gilroy (Tony, Pulitzer Prize) featuring eleven! - David Beach, Kim Bendheim, Matthew Cowles, Caroline Gilroy, Michael Godere, Carter Hudson, Lillian Laserson, Thomas Lyons, David Margulies, Fiana Toibin and Jack Wetherall! Short play, long cast. Interview with Pulitzer and Tony winner, Frank Gilroy, follows the play.

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